New! Lenten Book Club: Don’t Give Up Chocolate For Lent!

Don’t Give Up Chocolate For Lent!

  • Are you feeling called to deepen your faith this Lent?
  • Did you receive the book, “The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity” we provided at Christmas?
  • If you didn’t, are you wondering, “What exactly IS the Biggest Lie?”
  • Do you thirst for a greater sense of Community?
  • Want to know the ONE Thing you can do to most grow in your faith this Lent?

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these, then join us for:

Corpus Christi Parish’s 1st Lenten Book Club

This Lent, for five weeks only, join like-minded people for a transformational experience!

  • Deepen your faith
  • Meet new people
  • Form friendships
  • Hear amazing stories of how this has already impacted lives
  • Share your own stories

5 Sessions offered each week of Lent!

All adults welcome! Starting the week of March 11th, we will meet five consecutive weeks.

We’ll discuss “The Biggest Lie…” book in small groups. (Didn’t pick one up? We have extras.)

  • E-mail Trish Keen, Director of Adult Faith Formation for more information or to sign up at Or complete the form below and drop it off at the parish office (door A).


The Biggest Lie in the History of Christianity Book Discussion

Yes, I want to do something to bolster my faith this Lenten season.

Name: __________________________________________

Email Address: ___________________________________ Phone #: _______________

Select one session below:

Evening:  ____ Monday (6:45 pm)           ____Tuesday (7 pm)

____ Wednesday (7 pm)             ____Thursday (7 pm)

Daytime: ____Tuesdays immediately following the Lenten 12:05 mass                                                                                                                                                                                                             ____ Thursdays at noon at Brittany Point.