Divine Mercy Letter

Hi Folks:

What’s that old SNL routine, Norm MacDonald I think, “note to self…”? Well, note to self—CHARGE THE MICROPHONES AND RECIEVER before you try to livestream Mass! Sorry about this morning (April 15). It should get better.


And we do plan to livestream Mass this Sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday, at 10:00 AM. So enjoy the sleep-in (we are, trust me) and see you at 10 AM on Sunday. And in regards to the indulgence of Divine Mercy; be smart. If you’re not comfortable going out for other things, don’t rush to the Church for confession just to get the indulgence. Remember that it can still be gained with a DESIRE to go when you are able. Watch Mass and say the prayers and let the Lord into your heart; He understands. We’ll still be in Church for confessions on Saturday from 3-4 but again, be smart and be safe.

And a word about generosity. Our monthly food collection benefits the Patrician Society of donateNorristown. They came about two weeks ago and picked up everything we had. As you know, food banks and other charities are getting hit from two directions; lots of demand and a lessening of volunteers and donations. If you’ve found another outlet for your generosity, kudos! But if you still want to drop off something for our food collection, we’ll make sure it doesn’t sit in the Church. And any donations to St. John’s Hospice or the Caring for Friends individual meals are still welcome. But as with any generosity, financial or otherwise, do what you can and stay safe while doing it.

Praying for you always,