Easter Reflection and a LOT MORE

EasterHappy Easter Everyone:

And I know it’s going to be so different for all of you. My own family will be getting together on Zoom for our “Easter Dinner.” But it will be as joyful as we all want to make it—for my family, for yours and for our CC family. And we’ve got a nice little “Easter Egg” for us at CC. Read below.

Here’s the Easter Sunday reflection video link. Once again, blessings to McHenry Creative for all the time filming (and editing out my goofs!) and making them available for us.


And here’s a special Easter Message from Archbishop Pérez to all of us.

Pastoral Message to the Faithful from Archbishop Pérez on the Occasion of Easter 2020

eggsAnd that Easter Egg? Well, as you recall, when this first hit, I lamented the fact that we didn’t have WiFi in the Church building so we wouldn’t be able to stream Masses. That hasn’t changed. (It will as soon as this is over!) What HAS changed is that we’ve been able to work out a way to stream Mass for you. It took our seminarian John McCabe, Fr. Silva and myself to move a LOT of furniture around. It also took a friend of Fr. Silva’s, Mr. Shimmy Charles, who operates a YouTube radio station in India called Luminous Radio. Mr. Charles has been kind enough to let us borrow time on his station to livestream Mass for you. Yes, we could have used Facebook Live as some others are doing, but that would have required you to get a Facebook account and we didn’t want to force you into that.

So starting Monday April 13, at 8:00 AM, we’ll be livestreaming Daily Mass from the Rectory. Many of you will recognize the space as the Adult Formation Room. Since it was formerly the Convent Chapel, it didn’t take much work (other than that furniture rearranging—that was our workout for the day let me tell you :) to reset it for Mass. It will be a tighter look than you’re used to—that’s due to production issues—but it will be your priests celebrating Mass with you, at least virtually. And if you like it well enough, we’ll do Sunday also—at 10:00 AM—we could all use a little bit of a sleep in can’t we?

Again, our thanks to everyone who helped make this possible—Fr. Silva, Mr. Shimmy Charles, John McCabe and also Jim Roberts our webmaster who will get the link up to you on the parish website. That link is here:


And here’s a backup link if there are growing pains with the website. This link takes you right to Luminous Radio where you can find the link for our Mass on their homepage.


We’ll keep you up to date about this. Again, I’m excited to be able to celebrate Mass with you in this way and sorry it took so long for me to figure it out. I’m slow but we’re getting there.

Praying for you always,