“The Chosen” Summer Discussion Group

This Summer, the Corpus Christi Evangelization Team is hosting a Discussion Group based on “The Chosen“. “The
Chosen” is a popular series, with many claiming that the series has enabled them to relate to Jesus and His Chosen
Apostles and that it’s made the Scriptures “come alive.”

Corpus Christi Discussion Group – Season 1 of “The Chosen”

4 Wednesdays this Summer 7pm – 8pm in the RE Room/Narthex

July 13th-Watch episodes 1&2 prior to attending

July 27th-Watch episodes 3&4 prior to attending

August 10th-Watch episodes 5&6 prior to attending

August 24th-Watch episodes 7&8 prior to attending

For Full details and instructions on how to watch the series, Click Here.

Questions –  corpus.evangelization@gmail.com