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Hope Gala


Our current paper recycling company has been unreliable in emptying our paper bins. Consequently, this has caused us problems and numerous complaints. Unfortunately, we will have to discontinue this project. We are asking our parishioners to please DO NOT DROP OFF ANYMORE PAPERS ON OUR PREMISES. The parish and school will continue to recycle papers through our regular waste disposal company (Mascaro). However, this service will be “in-house” only and will not be available to our parishioners.
We thank everyone for participating in paper recycling and hope you will continue to do so through other means. Unfortunately, this can no longer be done at our parish.

Sight and Sound Theater – Jesus

Join the Knights of Columbus and Parish Youth Group on a trip to The Sight and Sound Theater for the production of Jesus, an excellent way to begin Holy Week! More details on the attached order form:

Jesus live production order form

Christmas Schedule 2017

Christmas Schedule 2017