• Couples who are planning to be married are required to notify a parish priest as soon as possible after the engagement but no less than six months prior to the marriage. He will address all of the requirements for getting married in the Church with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Engaged couples are required to participate in a Pre-Cana (Marriage Preparation) Session.

Pre-Cana Class

  • In order for you to prepare to receive the Sacrament of Marriage, the Church requires some form of formal marriage preparation. Pre-Cana is a Catholic preparation course for the Sacrament of Marriage. It is offered at Corpus Christi Parish in the Spring and Fall of each year. The sessions are designed to help engaged couples to discern their vocation to marriage and family life. They are centered on commitment to God and to each other and address many important everyday issues of sharing life together.  Each session is scheduled on a Saturday: 9AM concluding with Mass at 4:30PM.  Lunch is included as well as snacks and beverages.
  • Upcoming Pre-cana classes: Saturday, September 28, 2024 and Saturday, March 1, 2025
  • Contact: or call Jack McGowan at 610-733-3133

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter’s mission of renewal in the Church and change in the world is to assist couples to live fully intimate and responsible relationships by providing them with a Catholic experience and ongoing community support for such a lifestyle. For more information, check out the website or call 1-800-456-8330.


  • The word Retrouvaille simply means ‘rediscovery’. Retrouvaille is a lifeline for troubled marriages and offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage. This program provides a weekend experience for couples who hope to re-establish communication and rebuild loving relationships. Visit or contact 1-800-470-2230 for more information.