Registration & Parish Programs


Our diocese requires that all Catholics should be registered in the parish of their residences. If you have moved into our parish and have not registered with us, it is important that you stop by the Parish Center Office (Door A) to register.   If you have any questions, please call the Parish Center Office at (215) 855-1311.

If you are already registered as a parishioner, you may update any changes to your current  information here (this is not for “new” registrations).

Certificates of Eligibility to act as a Sponsor for Baptism or Confirmation, or as a Witness at Marriage, cannot be issued unless you are previously registered with us.
If you are not Catholic or did not receive Communion or Confirmation as a child, click here to learn about our RCIA program.

Electronic Giving

Corpus Christi Parish is now offering, to their parishioners, the ability to make regular monthly offerings electronically, by way of direct payments (ACH Debits) from your checking/savings account to Corpus Christi.

Click here for full details.

Affinity Program

New details to follow.

Moyer Oil Incentive Program
Moyer Indoor/Outdoor Services has initiated an incentive program whereby they will make a contribution to churches based on the amount of fuel oil purchased by the church members for as long as they remain a customer of Moyer’s.

For details call Bill Jurer at 215-237-3870.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many companies have a Matching Gift Program that is available for schools. If you’ve thought about making a donation to Corpus Christi School, and are employed at one of these companies, obtaining a form from the Human Resources Department could add to your personal gift and would be a great way to support our school.  Ask your employer if they have a Matching Gift Program or similar type program for schools.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking has become a concern at some or our Masses. To be considerate to our parishioners with disabilities, we ask that you follow these procedures:

      • Only vehicles displaying handicap stickers or license plates should be using these spaces.
      • Even if a sticker or license plate is displayed, a person with a disability should be riding in the car for valid usage of the handicap space.

We ask for your cooperation in keeping these parking spaces open for the purpose they were intended.