Youth & Young Adults

“Do not be afraid. Open wide the doors to Christ.”

-Blessed Pope John Paul II


High School Youth Group: (9th-12th)

Our High School Youth Group will provide your teen with an opportunity to grow in spiritual growth through Steubenville Youth Conference, NET Retreats,Escape Annual Weekend Retreat, Summer Mission Trip and weekly Youth Group Meetings/Bible Studies. Your teen will also be challenged to help others through yearly/monthly service projects and also be able to enjoy a group in which we can have fun through our monthly social nights/group trips! We celebrate Mass at 6pm and the youth group meeting ends at 9pm in the RE ROOM located on the side of the Church!

“METANOIA” Young Adults Group: (18-39)

METANOIA- Greek word for Conversion! A specific conversion moment in ones life!

For all 18-30 somethings that are within our Parish and without our county. We are lead by Father Steven Kiernan and a group of other young adults. There is more information about our group’s weekly meetings, monthly Theology on Tap,, retreats and other community activities on our Young Adult Page here or on the METANOIA website! We provide the time for a young person who is looking for a relaxed environment in which to meet other young Catholics and to have fun while doing it. The only question is will you join us?




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