Mass Greeters at Corpus Christi are part of the Hospitality Ministry serving our parish. The Greeter Program generally has open positions for parishioners who are willing to give about 20 minutes of their time each month as a Greeter. An ideal staffing level would have two Greeters for each of the two main entrances for each Mass.

If you can smile, say ‘Good Morning‘, perhaps even ask ‘How are you today‘, you’re a candidate to be a Greeter at Corpus Christi!

Each Mass has four Teams of Greeters assigned. Each Team is assigned to Greet once every four weeks. If a Greeter can’t Greet on an assigned date, he/she is asked to swap with any other Greeter scheduled for the same Mass time. If three or more Greeters are present, we ask that you agree among yourselves as to who will Greet at which of the two Church entrances. Greeters are also asked to help hand-out Bulletins after Massat either the side or rear exits if/as needed.