Parish Library

Circulation Policy: Books, games, DVDs, and CDs may be borrowed for a period of three weeks and can be renewed upon request. When signing out a book or resource, please list your first name, last name, and phone number. If you are not a Corpus Christi parishioner, please note your parish on the card, as well.

Return Policy: A “Due Date” slip will be inserted into your book/resource to assist you in remembering when to return your item. You will be contacted with a friendly reminder for any item more than one week late. Books and resources may be returned directly to the library during hours or dropped off at the Parish Center Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM using the designated basket in the vestibule. Please do not leave returned items outside the library door when the library is closed.

Why does a parish need a library?

When individuals strive to grow in the interior life, one of the essential spiritual exercises is spiritual reading. The Parish Library functions as part of the Adult Faith Formation Ministry of Corpus Christi Parish and provides parishioners the opportunity to borrow Catholic books and resources that might not be available in public libraries or a typical bookstore.

Where is the library located and what can I expect to find there?

The library is located on parish grounds next to the playground area. It is a fully heated and air-conditioned modular unit with ramp access. It is comprised of unique areas for the faith formation of adults, teens, and children.

What is the goal of our library?

It has been said that, “Bad books have made many sinners and good books have made many saints.” The goal of our parish library is to promote reading material that has the power to transform one’s life by pouring the wisdom of the Church into a person – one book at a time!

Why is spiritual reading important?

Spiritual reading can help us grow in our life in Christ in many ways. It strengthens our faith by helping us grasp the truths of the Catholic faith more clearly. Saint Anselm said, “Faith seeks understanding.” Clarity about these truths serves as a strong foundation for daily Christian life. In addition, spiritual reading is the main source of food that nourishes our prayer life. It can sustain, strengthen, and inform our prayer. It also teaches us principles of Christian growth. Solid spiritual authors can provide a kind of general spiritual direction in such essentials as growing in Christian virtue, overcoming temptation, and controlling disordered passions. Furthermore, spiritual reading affords inspiration and motivation for the journey. It renews us and gives us a second wind to run the race so as to grasp Jesus, our goal and reward (Philippians 3: 12-16). No matter what type of spiritual reading we do or when we do it, it’s important that we do enough of it!

(Adapted from Chapter 6 of, Walk Humbly With Your God: Simple Steps to a Virtuous Life by Father Andrew Apostoli, CFR)

Over 1,500 resources are available in our parish library! Click the sub-links in the navigation to view complete lists.