Updated Scrip News

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia no longer wants us to carry Scrip credits indefinitely, therefore, effective immediately, we’ve updated our Scrip policy as follows:

Scrip credits earned that are past 5 years must be used prior to the end of the fiscal year (June 30) that would coincide with the 5-year limit, or the credits will revert back to the parish.

Scrip credits can be used towards school tuition, REC tuition and fees, tuition for Catholic high schools and colleges, or transferred to other families for similar purposes. They cannot be cashed in. If not used by June 30 of the year relating to the 5-year limit, as previously stated, the credits will revert back to the parish.

If you have any questions concerning your Scrip credits, please call the Scrip office at 215-362-0104 or e-mail them at cc.scrip@yahoo.com.