Caring for Friends (formerly Aid For Friends)

Have an urge to share all those new recipes you tried during isolation?  Well, now’s your chance!

Corpus Christi’s Caring for Friends program provides meals for the homebound, handicapped, and elderly

of our parish and the neighboring community. Meal

kits are available in the narthex and at the side door of

the church, along with instructions. If you would like

to share your culinary talents, just place one of the meal trays at your dinner

table, and fill it as you would your own plate, with a nice

balanced meal! Or, if you are looking for a wonderful project

for your children this summer, take this opportunity to help

them plan, cook, and assemble 5-10 trays for Caring for

Friends! Call or email Barbara MacIntosh with questions:  215-256-1161 or