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Respect Life


        Since the United States Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, 1973, abortion has been legal and millions upon millions of babies have not been allowed to see the light of day. Even with the fall of Roe v Wade, abortion is still legal in Pennsylvania. Many state and federal legislators, including our own, want this evil act to continue even up to a mother’s due date. They would also like taxpayers to pay for them. 

                        What can you and I do? We can pray! PRAY! PRAY!

            In joining the Spiritual Adoption Prayer Program, you and your family can make a personal commitment to pray for an unborn child and their mother each day. You will be praying that this mother will choose life for her baby. You will also be praying for God, our loving father, to guide this mom and dad to love and nurture their child, their gift from God. You will also be praying that the entire church community will continue to provide care and services to assist children and their parents.


              Please share the love of life given to you by the Lord of all Life and your own mother. Join us in the Spiritual Adoption Program. Be sure to name your baby, because a name gives us an identity as a person. Use the prayer we have given to you or say a Hail Mary for the intention of your baby and their mother each day, so that she will give her child the gift of life. Watch for updates on your Baby’s growth in the Parish Bulletin each month. Look for the signs in the church Narthex and Religious Education Room for how your baby is growing.


Spiritual Adoption Prayer

My dear Jesus, together with Mary, your mother, who took care of you so lovingly, and St. Joseph, strong man of faith, who protected you both, I pray to you for the life and health of this child,

 [Name of your child]

whom you have spiritually adopted.

 Please give the parents of this child whatever help they need to give their child life and keep their baby strong and healthy.


Pennsylvania March for Life – October 16


Corpus Christi Knights of Columbus and Respect Life Ministry are sponsoring a bus to Harrisburg for the Pennsylvania March for life. Please save the date and join us to let our Governor and Members of the General Assembly of the state of Pennsylvania know that we want to be a PRO LIFE STATE. Participation in this march is much easier than going to Washington, DC.
The 52 passenger Perkiomen tour Bus will leave from the Corpus Christi side parking lot at 8:30 AM October 16, 2023.
The Dobbs v Jackson decision ended the Roe v Wade decision allowing abortions on demand, but that does not end our fight. Now each state can enact their own laws. Abortions are still being performed throughout Pennsylvania. Some states are protecting preborn children while other states are allowing abortions even up to the moment of birth. We not only need to change laws, but hearts.

October 16

Board the bus at 8 AM
Leave – 8:30 AM sharp on October 16, 2023
Donation $20.00
Bring a lunch and snacks
Arrive in Harrisburg about 10:30
Proceed to the steps of PA State Capitol for the March Rally
Speeches from 11: 00 AM to Noon
March around the capitol building at Noon
Meet at the designated location given by the bus driver about 2 PM.
Arrive at Corpus Christi about 4:30 PM.

If you have questions call Ellie Hentschel 215-362-0160.
In order to reserve a seat on the bus please send a check
made out to Corpus Christi Respect Life. Include your
phone number and email address, please.
Drop off at the Parish Office from 9 AM to 5 PM:
Mail to:
Corpus Christi Respect Life Ministry
Attn: Eleanor Hentschel
900 Sumneytown Pike
Lansdale, PA19446

Quilting Workshop – October 14th


Eucharistic Congress – September 30